VoIP for business communication


VoIP for business communication

VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol has been around for almost as long as there has been the internet. This method of communication requires the internet connection in order to communicate. With many features and advantages packed into the VoIP systems, small and medium scale businesses will vastly benefit from using it. With both VoIP and internet developing rapidly, the future looks good for the businesses using it.
Why use VoIP for small and medium scale businesses?

Ease in installation, customization, and implementation.
Easily expandable and contactable.
Great savings as compared to calls through traditional phones.
Great mobility as the system can be accessed through smartphones, tablets, and laptops anywhere an internet connection is available.
Higher versatility with the ability to send emails, faxes, video calling in addition to voice calls.

VoIP with clouds

Hosted VoIP or cloud phones are considered the future of VoIP as the offer lower installation, maintenance, and implementation costs. Usually, the Initial implementation of VoIP phones would be to use premises-based systems. The near-future cloud phone systems would be a better option with greater savings in comparison.

VoIP and social media

Social media platforms like Viber, WhatsApp, Line, and Skype are an integration between social media and VoIP systems. Through the use of an interactive service such as a ‘Chat Bot’, a potential client’s interests and requirements can be found out and such customers can be invited for a CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) chat with the sales or technical staff. This system can be implemented through a VoIP and help the business find customers providing convenience to both parties.

VoIP with IoT

Internet of Things or IoT refers to the communication of independent devices such as wearable electronics, vehicles, home appliances and many more communicating with each other over the internet. Hence your vehicle information such as mileage, engine temperature, and fluid levels can be sent to the dealership or garage for records and for maintenance purposes. Similarly, a portable heart rate monitor or watch with this feature will be able to update your family doctor through the network regarding your pulse rate. In the case of a business, the employee attendance through the fingerprint scanner can be wirelessly monitored over the network using IoT and VoIP.

With many such options available with the use of VoIP, its uses in your business are endless. If you think you need to implement a VoIP system, contact us today.


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