• User-Friendly, Reliable Cloud Phone Solutions

    Get the same convenient features of a commercial business phone system at a fraction of the price. Our products bring you the flexibility and convenience of organized communication with call-management features.

  • Simple and powerful cloud phone solutions

    Get enterprise telephony features at a great price. Business phone system hosted in the cloud for flexibility, agility, and powerful call-management features

Take your phone system to the cloud and unleash your business

Cloud Unified Communications (UCaaS) is rapidly becoming the future of business communications. One of the most sought-after mediums for modern business communications and team interactions, UCaaS allows users to pay an affordable monthly fee to host their business communications in the cloud.
Gone are the days of purchasing overpriced business phone system, investing valuable time for installation and paying servicing fees - all for a wired in-house business phone system.


Competitive Setup Costs

No need to purchase overpriced equipment or pay installation fees. The Cloud eliminates the investment that traditional PBX systems require.


No Hardware Maintenance Fees

Host your business communications on the cloud and your hardware maintenance fees will be a thing of the past.


Disaster resilience

Cloud hosting means resiliency. Never have to worry about outages or gaps in connectivity. Our backup servers are failsafe.


Centralized Simplicity

Your employees can opt to have calls directed to their mobile, a standard office line or personal phone using one simple number.


Modern, Innovative Software

You’ll never have to worry about your service becoming outdated. Upgrades are automatically downloaded as they become available.


App Integrations

Integrate your software, mobile phones and email to make life easier - manage your CRM and team schedule to keep workflow efficient.


A System That Grows With You

Add new or additional sites to your existing network in record time. Remote workers? No problem! Skip international fees and scale worldwide.

It’s time to modernize. It’s time to move your business’ phone system to the cloud. Host with us and you’ll be hooked.

Cloud quality and reliability

Our PBX phone system is entirely delivered from the Cloud, meaning that you don’t need anything more than a reliable Internet connection to be able to use the system.

An increasing number of businesses are moving towards internet telephony to give them the flexibility for the phone system to adapt as the company changes and grows, to intelligently route calls, to setup remote offices and to facilitate roaming users & home workers.

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Voicemail for Everyone

Set up conveniently organized voicemail inboxes for every one of your employees - and your employees aren’t the only ones who benefit, your clients will be able to easily reach whomever they need to speak to without the fuss of automated rabbit holes.

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Conferencing Service

With our conferencing feature, you can host conference calls with your clients or internally between staff. With intuitive web application design, setting up a conference number couldn't be easier.

The conference facility has many configurable options and full training and support is provided as part of the package. From training sessions to business meetings, we have configuration settings to handle most requirements.

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Interactive Voice Response

Interactive voice response interacts with callers and gathers information to ensure they’re routed to their destination with the information needed to complete a successful call without interrupting the workflow of co-workers.

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Work Remotely, Easily

Just because your team is spread out doesn’t mean you have to work in isolation. Cloud hosting makes it possible to collaborate from afar without racking up international calling fees. Scaling your business has never been so easy and reliable.

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Meet Your Consumer Where They’re At

We have 16 conveniently located global locations by which to base your PBX from. Choose from a variety of data centers worldwide - unparalleled reliability and top of the line connectivity awaits.

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