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Phone Systems for Businesses is a division of Cybernetic Networks Inc.; an IT Support company with a proven track record of delivering top-notch technology and telecommunications services since 2004. We have served numerous corporate clients over the last 2 decades, helping them improve connectivity and increase productivity through efficient business operations.

Our vision is “Success by Customer Satisfaction” and is to create a world based on open communications through the internet. Our vision is founded on the idea of a world built on open communications that allow your small business to thrive.

Our mission is to equip small businesses with the communication tools they need to thrive by completely redefining the way businesses operate and correspond through open communications and the internet.

We provide a wide selection of cloud-hosted PBX systems built to suit a variety of business sizes and their evolving needs. We strive to help you streamline your VOIP project by providing all of your VOIP PBX needs in an affordable product line. We take care of the hardware acquisition, software installation, bandwidth allocation, and server maintenance, keeping our PBX servers neutral to ensure that you can work without IP termination on your device of preference.

We’re backed by expert knowledge and more than 12 years of experience, so we’re well-equipped to help businesses throughout their communication journeys. We offer round-the-clock support, so you’ll never be alone. Should you encounter any issues with your service or device, a member of our friendly support staff is standing by to help.

We’re committed to providing you with the best Cloud Phone Systems Florida available, helping you to fulfill your business communication needs. We vow to continuously diversify our product offerings and server locations so you’ll always feel comfortable choosing Phone Systems for Businesses. Join us and revolutionize how you use communications in your business!


Phone System for Businesses PBX is ready to use right away! It’s as easy as: signup, setup, call! Use any SIP enabled VoIP phone and begin calling!
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