About Us


About Us


We care about small businesses and our customers are
our biggest assets. Our vision is founded on the idea of a world built on open communications that allow your small business to thrive.

Our mission is to equip small businesses with the communication tools they need to thrive by completely redefining the way businesses operate and correspond through communications and the application of open source software.

We provide a wide selection of cloud-hosted PBX systems based on open source projects built to suit a variety of business sizes and their evolving needs.

We strive to help you streamline your VOIP project by providing all of
your VOIP PBX needs in an affordable product line. We take care of the hardware acquisition, software installation, bandwidth allocation, and server
Maintenance, keeping our pbx servers neutral to ensure that you can work without IP termination on your device of preference.

We’re backed by expert knowledge and more than 12 years of experience, so we’re well equipped to help businesses throughout their communication journeys.

We offer round the clock support, so you’ll never be alone. Should you encounter any issues with your service or device, a member of our friendly support staff is standing by to help.

We’re committed to providing you the best service available, helping you to fulfill your business communication needs. We vow to continuously
diversify our server locations and our product offerings so you’ll always feel comfortable choosing Phone Systems for Businesses.



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